Family mediation. Housing disputes. Hereditary disputes

Request: willing to save a family. There are three children in family. Husband insists on saving the family, wife insists on maintaining only parental relations. The difficulties that have arisen have been caused by husband's extramarital affairs resulting in complications in the wife's health. Parties agreed on temporary residence apart from each other, and also on conditions for meeting with children and their financial support, man's partition in the selection of educational institutions, child care, kid's clubs, baby-sitters etc. The parties agreed on returning to the mediation process as necessary to adjust the arrangements.

Mediators: Halyna Yeromenko, Olha Shepel


Request: the distribution of apartments in another city and Kiev between spouses who are actually married but the woman lives in a Kiev apartment with a new actual foreign man. A husband lived in a rented accommodation in Kyiv, for women's money. An apartment in another city was purchased during the marriage for the premarital husband's money and became legally couple's joint property. During the marriage, woman presented that apartment to her husband in the expectation that he would abandon the Kiev apartment. The couple admits that the husband is a wonderful father. The man requires the purchase of a separate apartment for him in Kiev to be closer to children. As a result of mediation, husband agreed to include the apartment presented by the woman in the joint marital property and to resolve all housing issues taking into account this property.

Mediators: Halyna Yeromenko, Yurii Vashchenko

Request: father does not want to meet with his 12-year-old daughter, but mother insisted on it. The case is in court. Result: during mediation, it became clear that the father did not want to meet his daughter at home because mother went to fortune-tellers, and after the daughter's visits, he started having problems in business. The mother did not dispute the facts of meetings with the fortune-tellers. They agreed that the father and daughter would meet in neutral territory.

Mediators: Tetiana Khudiakova, Halyna Yeromenko 

Request: father complained of disrespect for him as a father by his 25-year-old son and the fact that he refused to perform his household duties. It turned out that the son did not object to father's specific requests, but asked to do so in advance, in order not to violate his plans for Sunday and Saturday. Son confirmed his respect and love for father.

Mediator: Halyna Yeromenko 

Request: acquirement of apartment ownership by a future heirs. Mother asked to acquire the apartment in another city. She offered to sell the apartment and split the money, which her son denied. Mother's primary desire was to be remembered by her grandchildren, not be children. The solution had been founded: brother paid part of the cost of an apartment in another city and had held another apartment. The daughter handed over one-bedroom apartment in Kiev to her mother and had received money. Grandchildren are told that grandmother's apartments will be theirs in the future as a memo from their grandmother.

Mediator: Halyna Yeromenko 

Request: acquirement of apartment ownership by a widow and the mother of a dead husband. It is impossible to split the apartment in kind. The case was in court, the appeal was granted. Parties won the case with varying success. Their lawyers initiated mediation. The mother resides in another country. As a result of mediation, it became clear that the main cause of the dispute was the unexplained relationship between the mother and her daughter-in-law. After mediation, mother decided to give her a part of the apartment to her grandchildren, provided that she retains her residence permit for the pension.

MediatorOlesia Moliavko

Request: One apartment has three rooms, where three families are living (five adults and three children of different ages). The owner of the apartment is a mother, as well as her children, a daughter and a son with spouses and children. The tension in the apartment reached such a heat that family relations began to be clarified by force, and children became "weapons" in the hands of adults. The sale of the apartment was banned, the trust was lost. Mediation was proposed to be held at the Child Protection Service of one of Kyiv's districts. As a result of the negotiations, everyone agreed that their common interest was living apart. As the funds from the sale of one apartment is not enough to purchase all the separate area, they agreed to choose a common broker, to sell the apartment as expensively as possible and to distribute the funds proportionally. The son is ready to withdraw the ban on the sale of the apartment (the reason is underage children), temporarily register children with his wife in her parents' apartment and take a loan (debt) for an additional payment when buying an apartment. The mother and her daughter's family decided to buy a shared apartment at the stage of construction, which is cheaper and to temporarily live at a cottage with relatives.

Mediator: Svitlana Chebakova


Graduate: I negotiated with the director and focused on working with alternatives: I described all possible consequences for the supplier in the event of default. In doing so, I spoke without the use of "toxic language," and tried not to sound like a threat. I managed to earn trust, my vis-a-vis told me: "You are the only normal person because all the other just screams and resents." The furniture was delivered in 2 weeks.

And as a third party I was asked to resolve the conflict between production and IT service. Absolutely not understanding what 10 men are arguing about in a closed room, with the help of questions and summaries, we managed to help them come to a joint solution that suited everyone. I do not know that they have decided there about VPN, decoding, traffic and other specific terms, but they have been actively cooperating for two days now and moving forward towards the common goal. Thanks, Olga and Galina, for the tools you have added to your training add confidence and pleasure.

Anton Korchynskyi, Coach, HR Manager

Graduate: I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to Halyna Yeromenko and Olga Shepel for their wonderful «Conversation on Interest” modules.
After the first module, I negotiated with the lessor of the apartment I rented, which, with the active assistance of the broker, tried to raise the price for the apartment at the time of signing the lease extension agreement. However, as a result of the negotiations we managed not only to leave the same cost, but also to agree on the installation of a washing machine (!) in the apartment. Work with interests played a decisive role in these negotiations.
What generally had an impact: evaluating the other party's alternatives, working with interests, identifying the range of people who are involved in the negotiations, knowing their own alternatives and their own strength, also negotiating from a face-to-face position, and such a psychological lever as a step forward.
Moving out of the apartment was announced in time and the washing machine was not installed for us. If earlier it was possible to "pass out" in such situations, to let everything go by itself, now I understand that I cannot afford myself not to fight, especially having have very powerful negotiation tools.

Tetiana Domashevska, kmbs financial program manager

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