Organizational mediation (mediation between top executives, managers, financial services workers, etc.)

Request: Mediation between new sales director and «old» sales team (about 10 people). As a result of mediation, errors of perception of each other's behavior and actions were clarified, procedural issues regarding information exchange, reporting, forms of communication, etc. were resolved.

Sphere of activity: financial

Mediators: Halyna Yeromenko, Olha Shepel


Request: necessity for conflict-free mass dismissal of employees as a result of downsizing. Most of those who need to be fired are experienced staff. The object is a city-forming enterprise. Employment opportunities for those scheduled for dismissal are limited. It has been found that it is important for the company to reduce personnel costs. It was important for employees to stay with the company for as long as possible (for various reasons), wages were not their top priority. Negotiations between the employer and employees are continuing in a new format.

Sphere of activity: confidential information

Mediator: Halyna Yeromenko 

Request: the owners asked for mediation between the directors in order to increase team interaction between them. As a result of discussing interests, relationships, trust, career growth within the company, directors independently allocated responsibilities, areas of responsibility, established internal communications procedures (its content and form) and formed a request to the owners for information about the strategic development of the company, which was necessary to address the issue of effective business management now and in the future.

Sphere of activity: IT

Mediator: Halyna Yeromenko 

Request: to clarify the issues of interaction between the director and the accountant of a branch of a large international company, and to agree on the issue of accountant’s annual premium. Mediation was initiated by the head office. Two solutions have been developed. A scenario has been implemented whereby the issue of the payment of the premium has been resolved in a mutually acceptable format. The accountant decided to work at another company. Accountant’s annual premium did not incur additional financial losses for the company.

Sphere of activity: financial services

Mediators: Halyna Yeromenkо, Vladyslava Riabota

Request: one-party mediation

Owner's preparation for the negotiations with the director of his international representative office in another country to raise director's paycheck. As a result of the negotiations, the director realized that he had overestimated his actual capabilities, removed wage requirements, and talked about personal reasons that influenced him to change his previous arrangements. The situation was stabilized for the time necessary for each of the parties to resolve issues of further cooperation without conflict.

Sphere of activity: fast food restaurants

Mediator: Olha Shepel

Request: conflict between the director and the lawyer of the company.

One-party mediation (preparation for negotiations) with lawyer of the company. There was a realization of a reassessment of what had happened and a genuine desire to rectify the situation. Possible steps that a lawyer who does not refer to as "loss of face" are discussed, as well as possible options for acceptable decisions.

Sphere of activity: energy industry

Mediator: Halyna Yeromenkо 

Request: conflict over the rejection of new remuneration systems, as well as staff turnover between different units of the company. As a result, employees' fears of a reduction in their wage had disappeared; they saw new opportunities for themselves. The company management decided to suspend the rotation and not to make two major changes to the company at the same time.

Sphere of activity: fast food restaurants

Mediator: Olha Shepel

Request:  the conflict between HR-manager and accountant of a branch of a large international company.

Mediation was initiated by the head office. It was important for the parties to talk about the relationship and to see the situation through each other's eyes. Scenarios of team interaction, rules and format of communications were developed, as well as procedures of information exchange, public interaction etc.

Sphere of activity: food production

Mediators: Olha Shepel, Vladyslava Riabota

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