Request: willing to save a family. There are three children in family. Husband insists on saving the family, wife insists on maintaining only parental relations. The difficulties that have arisen have been caused by husband's extramarital affairs resulting in complications in the wife's health. Parties agreed on temporary residence apart from each other, and also on conditions for meeting with children and their financial support, man's partition in the selection of educational institutions, child care, kid's clubs, baby-sitters etc. The parties agreed on returning to the mediation process as necessary to adjust the arrangements.

Mediators: Halyna Yeromenko, Olha Shepel

Request: fulfillment of obligations and payment of penalties.  

Parties involved in mediation process: a representative of a foreign firm, their lawyers and a leading law firm.  Time spent (including time involved in the process) -- 5 hours. Failure to comply with the agreements was caused by force majeure (end of 2013-early 2014). One of the parties waived its obligations for the future due to fears of crop failure. The parties refused to apply for international arbitration. Part of the obligations were made in cash, partly in kind by applying a discount on products. Accrued penalties were partially reduced. Risk concerns were eliminated through the application of realistic liability verification techniques. Finally, parties have agreed on the following partnerships.

Sphere of activity: grain trading.

Mediators: Halyna Yeromenko, Liudmyla Syzykova

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